• The Best Centre for Spoken English

    There is no competition. We have been running our institute for last 20 years.

  • Result Speaks

    We have already given not hundreds but thousands of successful students who spread the story of our quality.

  • Quality is our motto

    We never compromise with quality. We provide the best environment for maximum growth of the students.

  • Healthy Environment

    This is a family. All the students and the faculties are the members of this family.

  • Training in schools and colleges

    We provide training to the students of R K Mission, Hostel Asansol. We are proud to provide training at many institutes.

  • Training to Employees

    We also provide training to the employees of different companies. We are proud to be associated with Super Smelter, Jamuria.

  • Online Practice

    To brush up the knowledge of the learners we provide learning system with website and youtube also.

  • Trust

    Trust is not built in one day. This is a continuous process. We have been satisfying the students for many years.

  • Quality

    Quality is more important than anything else. We never compromise with quality.

  • Ready for Industry

    We prepare the students for every challenge, so that they should not face any problems in real life work also.

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Our students tell the story of our success

"All the faculties of ASP are good, friendly and supportive. I got comfortable here only in three months. The classes are very effective to learn fluent English."
    --- Ravi Kr Soni (Sr Analysis/Auditor, IBM)

"After completing my graduation I was very weak at English. I was in a job also, but I was facing many problems and my salary was very little. I got information of ASP and joined this centre. I learnt a lot here and this centre changed my life. Thanks to ASP for providing me real education as well as inspiration. Today, whatever I am, credit goes to ASP."
    --- Abhilash Khuntia (Associated Executive, Tega Industries)

"While studing direction plays a vital role in shaping our future. ASP brought u-turn in my career. The innovative mindset and enthusiasm of the faculties to get people learn, makes everything easy. ASP is committed to deliver high values, results and help people to develop, to grow and nurture their talents. I am always grateful to ASP to inspire my hope, to ignite my imagination and to provide me confidence when I needed the most."
    --- Binay Sharma (Team Leader, Expedia Group)

Wait for a lot of exciting lessons

Welcome to ASP

ASP (Formerly known as Study Point) was started in 1998 and since then we have been proceeding on the path to success. In 1998 the need of a perfect coaching centre forced us to initiate and just after starting this centre at Rail Par, Asansol we got tremendous response from every corner which inspired us to start a new branch at Hutton Road, Asansol and again the same satisfying response we enjoyed. Today our system is so strong that the demand is there from many places to open the franchisees to give a perfect shape to maximum number of students who are planning to place themselves in Brand Companies. Today we are proud that many students are in Brand Companies of India and abroad. Today we are proud to announce that we have shaped the future of thousands of students.

Our Goals & Objectives

➽ To train the students as per the latest Teaching-Learning methodologies.

➽ To inspire the students to have the hunger for knowledge.

➽ To make a perfect environment.

➽ To support the students for practical skill development.

➽ To train the students to acquire confidence without killing the rare quality of their humbleness and modest.

➽ To create a caring and supportive climate throughout the campus to support each and every student to grow.

➽ To enhance the effective, efficient and easy to maintain management of the campus for easy access, proper participation and overall development.

➽ To inspire them to take active participation in social activities.

➽ To support the students to understand each and everything and not to be a memorizing machine.

➽ To make the environment jolly and not boring for maximum outcome.

➽ To maintain multicultural and cosmopolitan nature.

➽ To prepare professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their knowledge.

➽ To prepare future leaders with courage, confidence and enthusiasm to make a new world.

Mission of ASP

☛Creating human beings not machines.

☛Striving to be recognized for diversity and known for excellence in teaching, learning and research.

☛Making education accessible for all.

☛Creating a perfect educational environment.

☛Shaping the future (youngsters) to make a perfect society where everyone believes in ‘Live and let live’.

☛Promoting the students to participate in social activities.

☛Inculcating a new sense of brotherhood amongst all.

☛Promoting the students to lead the world.

☛Preparing professionals to fill up the gap between job seekers and job providers.

☛Mentoring the students to be entrepreneurs.

☛Giving a soaring height to the organization of language.

☛Indulging in research of human behavior.

☛Making the students capable of understanding the demand of multi National companies and fulfilling them.

☛Making the students understand the value of quality over that of certificates.


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